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Sorry all of you, I just feel meh and I'm just gonna take a small break from online, I'm sorry ya'll.
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igneel *I do not own him, belongs too the owners* by dragonknight22 igneel *I do not own him, belongs too the owners* :icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 4 0 Wyvern by dragonknight22 Wyvern :icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 1 2 *Shrug* by dragonknight22 *Shrug* :icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 3 0
Jills suit wearing
Jill finds her self in a room doing an interview on her friend Laffys suit and A thief's called Strink. She changes out of her clothes and get's Laffys
suit on "well, It's flexible and the material is nice buuuut" She waddles "It's kinda tight on me, for obvious reasons" She melts outta the suit,
and goes into the changing room. Next she goes into Strinks and walks out "wow, this is rather nice actually, fits rather well" She stretches in it,
a lot. Her curves are pretty good in it "Aw man, while I hate too say it, but My buds Suit, Laffy, Ain't gonna cut it but This Thief's suit is pretty
good on my body and I can move" she goes back into her normal suit "well that was fun well, I'll see all of you around once again soon!" she
stretches under and door and vanishes.
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Sky *Shine* dragon *tail with Sky's name as gift* by dragonknight22 Sky *Shine* dragon *tail with Sky's name as gift* :icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 2 0
You better not
No bod harass Lovedeathy saying why did yo do this or whatever. This is my problem so don't annoy her
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Jill and Laffys dragon adventure
Jill and Laffy ran as fast as they could " I didn't know those still existed!"Jill said,
jumping and running at the same time. "They do, there are ton's in my world! and I mean
tons!" Laffy said, climbing and clinging onto Jill "Surprised?" "yes, I am! I thought they
were fake!" Jill said, dodging a claw. Jill squished under a rock, with Laffy, popping out no
matter how big she was. The big red dragon rams through the rock, roaring and shooting arrow
fire balls. One misses Laffy and another hits Jill, her back melting. " ah man!" Jill said,
jumping out of the cave, making wing flaps too glide. They were up in a huge mountain and the
dragon soared out, chasing them. Laffy starts throwing pieces of herself which does nothing,
she screams as it almost bites them. "Hang on kiddo, I'm gonna try something drastic!" Jill
flys too more mountains, dodging and weaving. The dragon slams through them, breaking the
rock. A roar can be heard and from under the cloud comes a huge dragon, which eats t
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forgotten slime dragon by dragonknight22
Mature content
forgotten slime dragon :icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 1 0
nope, never
I may be sad and feel like crying but, I ain't gonna give up, no matter what, never ever will I give up.
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Written for friends.
Friends who I adore
Support me when I feel poor
Friends who I love
and above all else, I will protect
They are my everything, and very close to me
Stay happy, my friends, I will always be there for you
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Ripper by dragonknight22 Ripper :icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 1 0
Best friends ever
this is a list to the best people ever,the most important people who I could trust to talk
with when I'm upset, people who've helped me grow and people who I care about a lot. if your
not on da list, it's cus we don't talk a lot or we are just friends. if you feel like your
left out, and I'll think on it, I'll add you, too be fair. I hit my head a few days ago so
sorry if I can't think or remember straight.
:icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 1 0
when a tree blows, you hear the howl
but if you howl, the trees will not hear you
if you see a color, the color will see you gray
when you look down a barrel of the gun, your not a killer
the gun is the killer
when you hurt someone, you don't hurt them, your mind and body do
when you trip, all but the ground laugh at you
when you keep friends, they will keep you
when you eat, people aren't sad at how you eat, the cooks are, because
they cooked for you
:icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 1 2
Bad body reaction
Internal hard breathing, fast heart, weak body, feel like crying and internal pain. Yeah,  I did something I shoulda sine, not gonna say what it is but, It still stresses me even though I can do it in the click of a button
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Ripper subspecies by dragonknight22 Ripper subspecies :icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 2 2


Moonlight by bryce-z Moonlight :iconbryce-z:bryce-z 12 4 Kat by bryce-z Kat :iconbryce-z:bryce-z 10 5 Time for volleyball by Galactic-Stars1 Time for volleyball :icongalactic-stars1:Galactic-Stars1 4 0 What's Up Jack by CoDeGreen What's Up Jack :iconcodegreen:CoDeGreen 4 5 Boom in Blue by CoDeGreen Boom in Blue :iconcodegreen:CoDeGreen 5 4 Bone Head by CoDeGreen Bone Head :iconcodegreen:CoDeGreen 6 4 Eydis Reference Sheet 2016 New Edition Pro! by CoDeGreen Eydis Reference Sheet 2016 New Edition Pro! :iconcodegreen:CoDeGreen 20 21 Sara and Alt Saras by CoDeGreen Sara and Alt Saras :iconcodegreen:CoDeGreen 7 5 What Are You Looking At by CoDeGreen What Are You Looking At :iconcodegreen:CoDeGreen 16 8 Big Strong by CoDeGreen Big Strong :iconcodegreen:CoDeGreen 15 5 For Khalissa... Again! :''D by FoxDragonLover For Khalissa... Again! :''D :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 23 5 Go Talk To A Wall by CoDeGreen Go Talk To A Wall :iconcodegreen:CoDeGreen 6 9 [19GoldLoL] Video Lecture by Nestkeeper [19GoldLoL] Video Lecture :iconnestkeeper:Nestkeeper 467 29 [19GoldLoL] Mordekaiser's Bizarre Revamp by Nestkeeper [19GoldLoL] Mordekaiser's Bizarre Revamp :iconnestkeeper:Nestkeeper 509 39 [19GoldLoL] A Harsh Lesson by Nestkeeper [19GoldLoL] A Harsh Lesson :iconnestkeeper:Nestkeeper 650 43 Kei Shiroyama by joncomms Kei Shiroyama :iconjoncomms:joncomms 47 6



I keep having sad emmotions, they won't go away! they just keep coming up, trying too swallow me!
is there anything to fight for?
well, i don't know if I can be strong anymore, I put a smile on each day, and I never keep it on for long. I'm just so freaking sad, but I promised a lot of people I wouldn't give up so, I won't
The rabbit holes gets closer 

I feel it closing more and more around me 

so I guess I'll never make it to wonderland 

I feel life squezzing away from me 

and then, no more pain, no more suffocation 

it's just lightness, as I go and see a shining in the sky. 

This is how I feel right now, I'm getting sad a lot now and idk why, I talk to much, I do stupid stuff and I just wanna stop.....but a broken shell can only do so much.
I break 

I shake 

I fly 

I die 

A point I wan't 

A point I'll never see 

Because I feel death and decay 

Darkness sees me 

I can't run 

I can't do old ways

because the new kills it 

emotions dead 

Mind sad 

all because of life 

and how it changes the fun

like a gun  

Just emotions I had to type out, drawing and typing out emotions help, sorta.
Sorry all of you, I just feel meh and I'm just gonna take a small break from online, I'm sorry ya'll.
sorry guys ;;
I keep having sad emmotions, they won't go away! they just keep coming up, trying too swallow me!


Daniel Borg
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
i love dragons, digimon,manga and monsters (also tcg and godzilla.) im an great advice person in drawings,decks,video games,ark survival and book dizines also if you wanna make a game or someting like card viedo game or other talk to me and i can help also, until my computer can get fixed i cant upload stuff and my rules don't be a crude face be nice respect others and no sweering but.i make exceptoins to my friends and you can say it in a diffrent language.


You will get either a short story or a long one well, not as long as utopia to infection but decent. Bigger ones will cost 10 more and I have to right to refuse if I'm sad or tired but I could take them later. I must agree before you give me points though.


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